Special Needs Nannies

Special needs nannyRoyal Nannies London also cater for families with special needs children. We have many qualified and highly experienced special needs nannies available straight away.

How can a special needs trained nanny help?

Special Needs Children may have specific needs based on their impairment, our nannies are experienced and can help with:


  • Setting goals
  • Making slight changes in the child's enviroment
  • Providing developmentally appropriate activities that will help the child feel capable and avoid activities that can be done only a certain way.
  • Avoiding over stimulation
  • Modeling appropriate play behaviours by being a play-friend
  • Building up child's confidence
  • Teaching specific skills that will help your child in further development
  • Teaching non-disabled children/ siblings how to interact with a special needs child
  • Providing opportunities and activities to support child's strenghts to help him feel successful and capable
  • Watching for signs of any aggressive behavior and intervene quickly.
  • Teaching problem-solving skills


How much does a Special Needs Nanny Cost?

  • Salaries will depend upon age, experience, and the duties involved and will range from £400+ net per week for live in special needs carers and from £500+ for live out (daily) special needs nannies. Please note those are only guide minimums based on 5 day working week. Each position is individually negotiated and more experienced or qualified Special needs nannies may command higher salaries.