Security Guards & Bodyguards

Whether you have risks related to your celebrity status or a high profile job, whether you are a famous politician, actor, singer, corporate leader or media figure, your personal protection is our agency's goal.

All of our security guards and private bodyguards are highly experienced close protection operatives, experienced in working with VIPs and celebrities, registered and licensed with the Security Industry Authority. They are fully trained, qualified and come from multitude of backgrounds, mainly military and police forces.

Our private bodyguards are available worldwide for very specific contracts, you may hire someone just for your special trip overseas for a week or two, or you can hire a more permanent bodyguard for a few years cotract. The lenght of employment/ assignment as well as the style of protection is completely up to you. You can have your personal protection carried out in a high profile manner making it obvious that you have your private bodyguard with you, or in a low profile manner when he will seamlessly melt into the background and provide you with discreet, unobtrusive level of professional security.


We provide:

  • Property security guards
  • Private Bodyguards
  • Event Bodyguards

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