Overseas Nannies - International placements

Overseas nanniesHundreds of people working or living abroad want to hire a nanny to look after their children. To fullfil this need, Royal Nannies offers a variety of childcare services for our clients located outside of the UK (Dubai, Moscow, Geneva, Monaco and many others). We’re specialists in International nanny employment. Only the best nannies are recruited and supplied for overseas positions.


How much should I pay for an overseas nanny?

  • Salaries for a nanny working overseas depend on qualifications and experience and in most cases start from £600 net per week to £1000 net per week for all countries outside the UK. This is based on 5 days a week work, 10-12 hours a day. 
  • Nanny's accomodation and food allowance counts as a part of this package.
  • There are two great ways that nannies and employers can ensure that they are working with fair wages. First, national minimum wage laws in the country of residence should be investigated. Offering a nanny less than minimum wage is unacceptable. 
  • if you have specific hours and requirements, asking our nanny agency is an excellent way to get a feel for the going rate for this type of work. 
  • Nannies and employers should also investigate tax obligations in the country in which they are living and working, and nannies should investigate their tax obligations in their home country as well.

What are the standard working hours for Nannies working overseas?

  • Overseas nannies work on average 10 – 12 hours a day, with 2 days off. Those hours can be negotiated and even stretched if agreed between the family and their nanny/governess. 

Can I request a 24 hour cover from my nanny?

  • There are families who require 24hour cover - in such cases we always recommend having 2 nannies doing shift work - 4 days on/4 days off, or a week on week off - to make sure your nanny gets plenty of time to rest too.
  • 24 hour shifts are very hard and every good employer will realise they either have to compensate for this time of work with a greater salary, or allowing your nanny plenty of time off. Noone would want an exhausted nanny to care for theur children. 24/7 shifts must be compensated with sufficient time off.

What are the nanny duties?

  • DUTIES: A Nanny is expected to undertake all nursery duties relating to the children only. This means providing care such as bathing, dressing and preparing nutritious meals.
  • Your nanny will be expected to wash, iron and organise the children's clothes and belongings. She will ensure that toys are clean and safe, organised and tidied away at the end of the day, and the play area kept clean and tidy. Live in overseas nanny will also ensure the children are active and social; for example she will organise play dates, attend baby classes, outings to the park, library etc.
  • The nanny will use her knowledge and skills to further the children's development through play. Your nanny will also provide activities such as creative arts and crafts, construction play, singing, reading and other various learning opportunities. Please note she is not expected to do any heavy housework, family cooking or any other chores not related to the children.
  • BABYSITTING: 2 nights per week, which are included in their salary. Baby-sitting is normally agreed to be taken Monday-Friday. Any additional babysitting hours should be paid extra.
  • ACCOMODATION: A Nanny requires her own bedroom and bathroom. Occasionally separate accommodation is included as part of the nanny's package. The room should be furnished and have a television or a DVD player, a desk and good storage space. House rules should be made clear from the start and also mentioned in the nanny's contract.
  • FOOD: The nanny's food has to be provided and paid for by the employer. The employer should detail the types of food that the family normally purchase. The nanny should detail the types of food she likes to eat and if she has any special dietary requirements. The nanny is entitled to request certain foods set within a reasonable budget determined by the employer.
  • HOLIDAY: Overseas nannies are entitled to a minimum of 4-weeks paid holiday. National Bank holidays are given or additional payment is made. Holiday time is taken at a mutually agreed time. Some families agree holiday time using a combination of 2 weeks the Employer chooses and 2 weeks the Employee chooses. If the family requires their childminder to come on holiday with them, then this must be discussed and agreed prior to employment commencement. All travels expenses, food and nanny’s weekly wage will also need to be covered.



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