Nanny & Governess Jobs in London & Overseas

Nanny & Governess Jobs in LondonLooking for an exciting nanny or a governess job either in London or overseas? This is the right place! You can apply even if you haven't been interviewed yet - just email us with your interest and we will arrange for the interview to be done ASAP. HOW TO APPLY: Each position is looked after by one of our consultants - you will see the consultant's name below the job description. Please email him/her with the job reference in the subject line, your full name and tel.number, and we will put you forward for it. (PLEASE make sure you email the right consultant when applying). If you are not yet registered, you will need to fill in the childcarer's registration form on our website. You will need to attend an interview  with us (personal or skype) before we can put you forward for one of our jobs.

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