Male Nannies - "MANNIES"

Male nanniesAny male nanny- "manny" provided by Royal Nannies will be highly experienced (minimum of 3 years of childcare experience + qualifications, or if they have a lack of qualificaions, 5 years of childcare experience is required from our candidates). 


Live-in or Live-out Manny?

"Manny" positions can either be sole charge where both parents are working or shared charge, where the male nanny works alongside a parent.

You can also have your manny as a live-in or a live-out carer. It is entirely up to you - if you decide to go for the live-in option, you will need to provide the weekly food, or food allowance, and suitable accomodation for your manny - either within your house, or nearby.


What are the standard working hours for "Mannies"?


  • Full time mannies live out - 10 hours a day, (Monday to Friday, usually 8am – 6pm)
  • Full time live in mannies - 10-12hours a day (M-F)
  • Part time mannies – hours to be agreed between you and your manny



How much would a male nanny - "manny" cost me?


  • £10 an hour for live out mannies
  • £350 + for live in mannies