Providing qualified British and native English speaking Governesses as well as bilingual Governesses and private tutors for our clients based in London and overseas. Our governess services are available internationally. Click on any of the below to learn more.



British Governesses, governess agency londonA British governess is a female employee of a family who teaches children within their home. In contrast to a nanny, nurse or a babysitter, she concentrates on teaching children, not their physical needs. Governess is in charge of school age children, not babies.


Bilingual governess is a native speaker or a fluent speaker of two languages. Based on your requirements, we can provide variety of language combinations, but mainly concentrate on those fluent in English and one other language. A governess is a woman employed to teach, tutor and train children in a private household.


Overseas GovernessWe place governesses internationally, not only in London. You can request a native English speaker or a bilingual Governess. They are very happy to relocate and work wherever in the world. Majority of our clients requesting the services of a private governess or a qualified tutor are based overseas, whether its Saudi Arabia, UAE, Moscow, Switzerland, France, Italy, USA or any others.


private tutors

We feel private tutors can offer a number of benefits for your children, not only raising levels of school performance, but also helping with child's confidence, enjoyment and motivation in a particular subject.

Private tutoring on a one-to-one basis is the most productive way to learn. Your children will benefit from educational activities and can fulfil their academic potential.